Both states and private companies that attach importance to R&D (Research and Development) in the world differentiate their competitors and get ahead of them.

If we consider this issue around the world, a direct relationship between the developed countries and their expenditures for R&D will immediately catch the eye.

The same is true for giant companies that are spread across almost all countries.

Bosch is one of the notable organizations that have understood the importance of R&D. This organization made a global turnover of about 73.1 billion euros (euros) in 2016 and spent almost 10 percent of it on R&D. It should be emphasized that this rate includes the part that is resident in our country and has 17 thousand employees.

with a total of 390 thousand employees in the world, Bosch has developed with the latest technological products made by R & D activities in Turkey are exported to 40 countries.

R & D, how much importance given that on pressing stressed Bosch in Turkey and the Middle East Chairman Steve Young, the latest technological products they try to improve on in our country implement and with the introduction, by issuing, drew attention to our country large foreign currency inflow provided.

Bosch provide 14 percent growth in 2015 in Turkey, When handing over the turnover of 12 billion Turkish lira, was also invest 750 million pounds. Within this turnover, the rate of R&D expenditures, which constitutes the general purpose of the company, is approaching 10 percent. There is no need to remind that the importance given by an institution to research encourages other organizations to work in this direction. The development of state institutions that attach importance to research and do not hesitate to invest and spend on this issue also returns to the citizens of that country as prosperity and development.

An organization that allocates a share of 10 percent to research and 1 percent, seeing the difference, tends to change its world view and follow a more rational path in order to adapt itself to the era and to compete.