U2K Engineering, Consultancy, Trade LLC has been founded by Ulaş Utku Kale in Istanbul, Turkey.

U2K has been operating in construction since day one and has been successfully implementing solution partnership missions by expanding its services based on the customers’ demands, providing high- level engineering and project management services.

Main services include; Construction and contracting; architectural plans and project designs, preparing technical specifications and implementation of them, taking technical responsibility, obtaining various kinds of construction and settlement licenses from the official institutions.
Project management and consultancy; modifications and applications of all projects involved, 3D modeling plans, landscape projects, renovations and restorations.

Since 2018, U2K has started direct and indirect purchasing services for its customers due to the fact that these services require hands on expertise to ensure quality control and process management which are performed by the expert teams of U2K.

One of the strongest aspects of U2K is to be a flexible and result oriented company that provides fast, economical and tailor made solutions to customer demands. U2K has been deeply focused on the principle of long-term partnership with sustainable performance.

U2K is your reliable solutions partner for years working with professional teams that provide efficient, sustainable and expert services.

Our vision as U2K, is to be the leader of this sector by generating qualified consulting, application and training services based on ethical values with an outstanding expertise in project management and engineering fields for institutions and organizations in Turkey.
To contribute to the formation of a safe, healthy, dynamic and peaceful environment in engineering.
To improve stability in projects and cost reduction with advanced engineering techniques.
To ensure the success and sustainability of institutions with successful projects. To establish the comfort and trust that Project Management provides to employees and managers.
To share the know-how and experience of the academic and business world to all the projects we are involved in.