U2K Electrical Works Consultancy

In the construction sector, we apply the designed plan of electrical installations in all areas of construction with our experienced and professional staff having a result-oriented perspective.

We provide speed and efficiency to your projects- whether a single building or an integrated structure like a factory- with 360-degree planning and turnkey applications from a single source. Especially in maintenance-requiring processes of factories we are happy to share our expertise and talent.

There are standards that must be followed during the preparation of electrical projects. Application projects should be prepared in accordance with the current laws, regulations and EMO project standards. All materials to be used in electrical projects must also comply with mandatory standards.

There are some regulations and specifications that must be followed during project design. Some of them are: The Ministry of Public Works and Settlement, Architect and Engineering Services Specification, Electrical Internal Facilities Regulation, Soil Regulation in Electrical Facilities, TEDAŞ Electricity Energy Facilities Project Regulation, Electrical Facilities Acceptance Regulation, Safety Regulation in Electrical Facilities, and EMO High Buildings Regulation.

In addition to those mentioned above, national and international standards for other special systems must also be complied with.

Contact us today and our qualified teams will provide solutions for any questions you may have regarding compliance with standards and regulations in your electrical projects and guide you through every step of the process.


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