U2K Indirect Purchasing Consultancy

Indirect purchasing consists of purchases like sales-marketing, logistics, travel, projects and investments, and service related purchases, not in control of your company's purchasing department.

Generally, these purchases are done without searching enough the sufficiency of the service provider, cost or other benefits of the purchases.

Always remember how Indirect Purchasing is important for the efficiency and sustainability of your business

Who might need this service?

  • Those who have invested a significant amount of resources, personnel and money in the raw materials and components of the products you produce and sell, or in production services and direct purchasing
  • Those who have to sacrifice one or more of the above during the implementation phase, as the profit margin is directly related to customer satisfaction and procurement speed.
  • Your team of experts to manage suppliers is limited due to the fact that many projects require expertise but there are a wide range of products and services to be purchased still.
  • Lack of time, resources and cash for supplier management, expenditure controls and reporting

With U2K, Speed Your Business With The Right Strategies of Indirect Purchasing And The Right Process Management

How do we manage Indirect Purchasing?

  • Determining the needs and having customer approval
  • Preparing project designs.
  • Preparing Technical procurement specifications and having customer approval
  • Selecting and controlling the supplier with the employer (past performance, technical infrastructure, financial competence, risk management, ethical and legal issues)
  • Preparing an purchasing order for the supplier and a project specific contract
  • Receiving the service or the goods by making the necessary controls during the manufacturing phase
  • Preparation of progress payment (signed document by the supplier and employer)
  • Making the payment
  • Supplier tracking during the warranty process

Areas we serve in indirect purchasing:

Construction, electrical and mechanical installation maintenance works Conducting investment feasibility study; (Cranes, new production lines, ventilation, etc.)

Contact us today and let’s create your roadmap on how to establish the best structuring for the right supplier selection and efficient purchasing.


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